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Fiber Optic Switch

SOMERVILLE, N.J., Apr 16, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Conolog Corporation ("Conolog") (otcqb:CNLG) today announced the launch of Fidra, a fiber optic switch designed to monitor, reroute, repeat, boost and disable up to three fiber optic communication pairs.

Utilizing industry standard SFP modules allows Fidra to support various optical communications including single/multimode, LED/Laser as well as multiple wavelengths. Common applications for the fiber optic switch include:

           1.  Transmitter disabling
           2.  Fiber optic path routing
           3.  Wavelength and fiber type conversion
           4.  Level monitoring
           5.  Local and remote loopback testing
The fiber optic switch resides in-line with equipment utilizing fiber optic communications, allowing for testing and maintenance without the need to remove and reroute fiber cables. The fiber optic switch eliminates costly damage to fibers and components caused by routine handling.

The fiber optic switch is programmable to route any receive signal to any of the three transmitters. All routing is performed at the physical layer (PHY layer), therefore the fiber optic switch communications are transparent to the transmitting and receiving equipment, regardless of brand. No protocol support is required and only microseconds of delay are added to the signal propagation time, making it ideal for differential relaying applications. Testing and monitoring are streamlined, while providing safety to the technician and ease of implementation.

System configuration is performed via the built-in web server, allowing the customer to use any web browser to configure switch.

For more information about Fidra, please review our online brochure at .

Marc Benou, President of Conolog stated, "We are excited about the much anticipated release of our one-of-a-kind product, Fidra, to the global marketplace. While Fidra is targeted for use in the electric utility industry for fiber communications, it can be applied to any fiber application and therefore has broad appeal. The launch of Fidra is in-line with Conolog's strategic plan to augment sales through the expansion of our current product line and the introduction of new, innovative products. Fidra was developed for a major US utility that is currently conducting final compliance testing. We are pleased to have filled our customer's requirements in such a short period of time, and look forward to supplying Fidra to the many other utilities that utilize fiber optics in their protection circuits."

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About Conolog

Established in 1968, Conolog Corporation ("Conolog") (otcqb:CNLG) specializes in solving complex commercial and military communication challenges other companies can't support. As a pioneer in Hi-Reliability Communication Equipment and components, Conolog has custom-engineered solutions that helped drive the success of some of America's largest corporations and institutions. Leveraging our early success, Conolog emerged as a major supplier of filters, oscillators, and frequency discriminators for manufacturers of telemetry systems for electric, transit, renewable and water/wastewater utilities.

In 1980, Conolog acquired INIVEN, an electronics manufacturer making FSK (frequency shift keyed) audio communication equipment. Backed by a legacy of innovation and custom-engineering success, Conolog set out to establish INIVEN as the innovator in protective relaying and monitoring solutions. As a Division of Conolog, INIVEN emerged as a leading supplier of FSK telemetry equipment (GEN 1, 98 Series FSK Tone Telemetry System), and was the first to introduce DSP (Digital Signal Processing) teleprotection solutions (PTR-1000). Today, INIVEN continues the Conolog tradition of solving complex communication challenges for electric utilities, fiber optic communication service providers and the US military. As an innovator in protective relaying and monitoring solutions, INIVEN engineers custom-configured communication equipment ranging from fully digital high speed transfer trip communications for use in electric power transmission pilot protection schemes (PDR-2000) to active control of fiber network communication (Fidra). INIVEN and Conolog are committed to helping customers maximize the security and reliability of their network infrastructure.

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SOURCE: Conolog Corporation

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