Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 FTTH in North America

According to the Fiber to the Home Council Americas, the number of North American (Mexico, USA, Canada and the Caribbean) residential connections directly into optical fiber networks increased 13% since last year. The study, which covers the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, notes that fiber to the home (FTTH) reached about 900,000 new households since April 2011, which increases the total number of FTTH homes in North American homes past 8 million.

Verizon remains the largest FTTH service provider in the region; however, the are nearly one-thousand FTTH network operators. Many of the operators are small and medium-sized incumbent telephone companies, most located in rural and small town areas. Other FTTH participants include competitive broadband companies, municipalities and public electric utilities. With these smaller operators factored in, the majority of FTTH service providers serve fewer than 10,000 subscribers. The survey also found growing activity among FTTH providers in fiber to the cell tower. There were more than 1500 towers connected by small, single-state providers in 2011.

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