Friday, March 30, 2012

ElectroniCast - Trends in Field Installable Fiber Optic Connectors

As the number of Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) subscribers increase, there is an increased awareness of the importance on construction for connecting the “drop” as well as the indoor connection. Traditionally the connection is done with the mechanical splice at the outdoor cabinet or inside room of subscriber's house. It requires operators to take much care and time to handle 0.25mm diameter fiber. The following are some general opinions and assumptions of our analysis:

-         Indoors, controlled environments such as Central Offices/Head-Ends, LAN/Inside the Building (horizontal and riser), have tended to not use field installable fiber optic connectors; however, as technician skills improve as well as the products becoming more “fool-proof” there will be a continued increase in field installable fiber optic connectors.

-         Military/Aerospace, Specialty, and modules/components relatively use less field installable types.

-         Outdoor environments such as undetermined-length Telecommunication links (FTTx), some CATV links and LAN-to-LAN (or LAN) Building-to-Building, Campus links relatively incorporate more field-installable fiber optic connectors.

Of course, ElectroniCast is always updating our analysis of over 100 vendors competing for the global fiber optic connector/ mechanical splice market; however, in the “niche” (but growing) field-installable fiber optic connector category, we consider at least 17 companies with significant interest and product participation.

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