Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ElectroniCast - Hand-Held OTDR Global Market Forecast and Analysis

ElectroniCast report provides the review of 2011 and a 5-year (2012-2016) forecast of the of worldwide market consumption value; volume (quantity) and average selling price of handheld (portable) OTDR devices with the initial “dedicated capacity” or with a module, as well as the supplementary or secondary (add-on) modules for hand-held fiber optic test device units, as follows:

·        Handheld OTDR devices, including pre-installed (initial) capability (embedded/dedicated or module); this category is limited to portable (compact/handheld) optical test units/devices that are initially purchased for the main purpose of the OTDR function

·        Supplementary OTDR modules, which can be added-on (plug into) existing handheld optical test modular units (devices)           

This database is divided into five major sections (see “TABS” at bottom of each database spreadsheet, which presents each region or the global summary).
North America + Europe + Asia Pacific (PRC + Rest of APAC) + Rest of the World = Global Summary

·        Global Summary
·        North America
·        Europe
o       Asia Pacific Region (APAC)
o       People’s Republic of China
·        Rest of Asia Pacific
·        Rest of the World
The market forecast data are segmented by the following functions:

·        Consumption Value (US$, million)
·        Quantity (number/by 1,000 units)
·        Average Selling Prices (ASP $, each)

The ElectroniCast global (hand-held) OTDR market is segmented into the following major application categories:

·        Telecommunications
·        Private Enterprise Networks
·        Cable TV
·        Military
·        Specialty (Sensor, Industrial, Laboratory, rental units, other applications and non-specific/miscellaneous)

Published:                  March 1, 2012
Text Pages:               350
Also Includes:              Excel worksheets and PowerPoint Slides
Fee:                             $4,200
Contact:                       stephen_montgomery@electronicastconsultants.com

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